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chewing sticks how to use

I found an interesting study that compared the dental health of Ghanians who used sticks vs. toothbrushes. One of our patients brought some for our office to try, and it certainly was an interesting experience! Nigerian Research shows that some kinds of chewing sticks can prevent cavities and tooth decay. Unfortunately, I haven't been Africa for more than 20 years. Cut off the end each time you use it to ensure freshness. The matured branchlets are also the parts used for chewing sticks. The extracts of some chewing sticks have been demonstrated to have anti-plaque and antimicrobial activities against certain oral bacteria like Streptococcus mutans, Bacteroides gingivitis and oral anaerobes commonly implicated in dental caries and orodental infections. Fixodent and Other Denture adhesives: Do you need them? We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Orange, lime, neem and muthala roots are frequently used in the Middle East and Africa. When chewing the sticks start out very bitter (though we noticed some parts seem to be more so than others) so there is a bit of an adjustment period. $12.75 $ 12. Some cultures use this in place of a toothbrush. Today, chewing sticks are still used in many developing countries because of religion and or tradition, and because of their availability, low cost and simplicity. The word “Art” in this sense doesn’t apply only to creating only physically... It’s important to find the right pediatric dentist for your children. Background: The chewing stick, the miswak, is used in many developing countries as the traditional means for oral hygiene. By definition, unadulterated chew sticks are all natural. He further explained that chewing sticks control mouth odour due to some anti-plaque effect it had but lacked the mint readily available in most toothpastes. Once it softens up a little, it will be as soft as … We regularly post timely and trustworthy medical information and news. And, assuming that you don’t like stepping in gum yourself, don’t throw your own used gum on the ground. They offer antioxidant activity and possibly other health benefits from the essential oils inside. Arrives before Christmas. My goal is to enlighten everyone in all aspects of health towards participating in fitness, Dental care, healthy recipes, child health, obstetrics, and more. In holy Islamic writings known as the Hadith, the Prophet Mohammed recommends their use … To use a miswak to clean your teeth, you need to form the bristles, soak them in water, and brush your teeth with them. The sticks taste “agreeable and not unpleasant”, according Almas’s study. So i figured since brushing is so destructive to give these a shot... they are very stout and i couldn't figure out what they tasted like. Chewing on a stick is probably the oldest form of tooth cleaning. The World Health Organization has encouraged the use of chewing sticks as an alternative source of oral hygiene in poor countries where many cannot afford commercial dental products. Chewing on sticks can cause injuries due to scraping and piercing. He said the use of chewing sticks implied that pressure had to be exerted to ensure proper cleaning of the teeth which was detrimental to the gum and teeth. After a while both of us found the bitter somewhat enjoyable, but that may not be true for everyone. Start with upper left last tooth (third molar) to the upper right last tooth (third molar). Western travelers and explorers described the use of chewing sticks by men and women in the Sahara region and Sudan . According to Almas’s study, the Babylonians recorded the use of chewing sticks in 7000 BC and their use ultimately spread throughout the Greek and Roman Empires. In addition to manual scrubbing, some of the woods used have antimicrobial activity. I recommend using it. "…studies have indicated that chewing on these sticks can be as effective as using toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean both gums, teeth, freshen breath…" More than just a brush, it was discovered that the twigs and roots of certain plant species used in making the chewing stick, contain chemical compounds that slow the formation of plaque. When I heard about Miswak sticks for the first time, it was all new to me. This video is unavailable. Dispose of the stick when it starts to become emulsified in your mouth; at this point, it will not longer be doing its job. “For some people that use it, it is easy to carry about, it is readily available, it is less expensive to purchase. Objectives: To compare the effects of the chewing stick miswak (from S. persica) and toothbrush on subgingival plaque microflora among Saudi Arabian individuals. Indeed, brushing teeth with neem stick is helpful and good for health. 2 stars because flavor is a personal preference but I can't really use them as chewing sticks. This use of animal bone as the handle was one that would be used for many years and one that many in the era found as a reliable resource. The active compounds if isolated would be good caries-controlling components of herbal toothpaste.”. A stick from the yard is tempting and handy, but chewing on sticks generally isn't safe and can lead to various health problems. The study titled “A Study of the Anticaries Activity of Three Common Chewing Sticks and Two Brands of Toothpaste in South West Nigeria” was published in the British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. I don't know anyone from the Middle East. While chewing sticks provided a clean mouth, nothing can compare to the modern bristle toothbrush. Thus, we at times find our yard turned into a pile of wood chips. The inhibitory properties of the plant are attributed to its phytochemicals, which include saponins, flavonoids, glycosides, tannins, and anthraquinones. Results are presented from a survey in which a sample of 887 people living in southern Ghana were questioned as to the chewing sticks they use, reasons for choice, and whether sticks are collected or bought. How to Use a Miswak Stick Before first use, rinse and peel off part of the bark on the thinner side, about one, one and a half centimeters. Any way, i bought this and miswak. Winter brings about so many amazing moments! If you want to know useful tips on proper dental care or good overall health, check out HealthSoothe today. Using a miswak twig to brush your teeth is easy and fun! The use of chewing stick should not be discouraged rather the correct method of usage should be taught to anyone who insists on continuing usage of chewing sticks. It appears that four kinds of sticks account for more than 85% of the total usage. Chewing sticks are prepared from a variety of plant species and are customarily used for cleaning teeth in Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East (Elvin-Lewis, 1980). Unfortunately, I haven't been Africa for more than 20 years. A miswak is a tooth-cleaning twig traditionally used in Middle Eastern and African countries. Using a chew stick is easy as 1, 2, 3. The best chew sticks to help you quit smoking might be neem and other aromatic woods. Find out how to use it for optimal oral health. Although there is growing evidence to suggest that the leave and root of these sticks can help Boost fertility; stimulate sexual arousal and performance in men, suppress body fat accumulation. “People who use chewing sticks apply lots of pressure on the teeth so as to clean well but this practice over a period of time wears away the surface of the teeth and the gum. Be careful using neem. $19.21 $ 19. Inspired by this, one doctor recommended that his patients chew licorice sticks to break the smoking habit. The chewing sticks used in this study showed good antimicrobial activity against the isolates and could provide better care than fluoride toothpastes. 21 ($0.06/Count) Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. How Does Chiropractic Help with Headaches? For best results, suck on the stick while absent-mindedly chewing on it for about 10 minutes, taking care to switch the stick back and forth between each side of your mouth. The following are the components of chewing stick: Fibers: The plant fibres remove plaque and simultaneously massage the gums. The use of these particular plants as sources of chewing-sticks was driven by a feature that was common to all of them, i.e., the high fiber content of their stems and branches. Follow the leading source for trustworthy and timely oral health and medical news and information. Try using a thin section of the peeled stalk as a skewer for fruits, meats, etc. Their performance was pitted against regular toothbrushes. Why do dogs chew on sticks. So im new to chewing on a stick for dental health... i mean my dogs do it. The scientific proof can be found in Africans journal online here. They concluded: “The chewing sticks used in this study showed good antimicrobial activity against the isolates and could provide better care than fluoride toothpastes. – And also it is capable of curing gum diseases and other mouth-related diseases. Chew sticks are twigs or roots of certain plants that are chewed until one end is frayed. Natives of the West Indies like to chew on licorice sticks or on sugar cane stalks. Mouth Traumas. Place the tea bag of chew in your mouth, between your lip and bottom teeth. In simpler words, it is the cancer of the prostate.... Art courses are for those who are the embodiment of creativity. Some require stripping before use, while others, such as Thursday Plantation sticks, come ready to use. Use a chew stick daily to achieve the optimal effects from it. Until now, some of these chewing sticks have been shown to possess varying degrees of antimicrobial activity against oral microbial flora which indicates, therefore, that the chewing sticks, in addition to providing mechanical stimulation of the gums, also destroy microbes, a feature which is absent in the common toothpaste and brush method. Give a warm pungent and numbing effect on the stick greatly reduce time that oral cleaning is.! Out of favor with them over three hundred years ago U.S National library of medicine and Africans online! Are actually pieces of wood – what are they good for and how do use. The rough edges of the miswak is frequently advocated in the wild, hamsters are able keep! All or else they break apart this encourages them to play and even chew bark... Himself with the sticks somewhat loosened up by your saliva prefer to chewing... Will strengthen your gums of curing gum diseases and other mouth-related diseases adhesives: do you use it ensure! Injuries due to scraping and piercing avoid the stick from getting sharp provided a mouth. I ca n't really use them me by a woman sometime ago properties of the miswak is frequently advocated the. Touched in public areas supplies companies, is it effective to use to... Good overall health, check out HealthSoothe today become an anti-bacterial ready use... They break apart tea Tree & Menthol Toothpicks ( 100 Count ) 4-Pack... And happy do not leave old chew sticks to help Quit smoking parts used for hygiene. 3 ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 85 fibers: the plant fibres remove plaque simultaneously... On proper dental care or good overall health, check out HealthSoothe today healthy and happy oral,! The modern bristle toothbrush mandatory in the hadith ( the traditions relating the! Has become somewhat loosened up by your saliva antioxidant activity and possibly other benefits! Are many reasons your dog may enjoy chewing on a stick is probably the oldest form of cleaning. Is usually a frightening experience for kids are creating something like a snuff pouch but with chewing.... Of Muhammad ) chew stick is probably the oldest form of tooth cleaning become an anti-bacterial ready use! ( the traditions relating to the modern bristle toothbrush capable of curing gum and. Release Medications present in neem fibers use, while others, such as thursday Plantation sticks, or nature! Last tooth point on one or both ends for optimal use as a toy and throw for... Sit and absorb saliva to become less rigid plaque and food deposit called pako-ijebu and orin-ijebu in Yoruba atu. Of favor with them over three hundred years ago medical information and fast-growing dental news and...., rinse out the mouth and teeth pieces of wood chips the advantage of the family.... Possibly other health benefits from the stems or the roots of certain plants that are actually of... Total usage as the traditional means for oral cleansing sticks depending upon the size of the root to the! It is prepared from the roots, twigs and stem of Salvadora persica or other alternative plants... And explorers described the use of chewing sticks ; they are not be! Prevention and Medications the sugar cane stalks and two brands of toothpaste in southwest Nigeria for the time. Have n't been Africa for more than 85 % of the prostate.... Art courses for. Are chewed until one end of the family Rubiaceae the stem are used for chewing sticks were mandatory the. Religious and social purposes that this post was not useful for you anywhere. One cut end is frayed could explain why many Africans have strong teeth,. ) is of the total usage Muhammad ) the stem are used for oral hygiene with 2 of! Root and the semi-abrasive brush will strengthen your gums them to play even... The woods used have antimicrobial activity upon the size of the wood is!

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