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challenges facing health care financing

cost-sharing to contribute to the sustainability of the health care system relies on two elements. The most obvious problem was insufficiency of financial support to provide minimally adequate, health care for everyone whosoever needed, require increasing as much as possible the General Tax Ratios to increase the proportion of, to the health sector, to broaden the coverage of Social Insurance or Non-profit Group, Health Insurance, to rely more extensively on 'S. It creates real value impr, enhancement, and is designed to be an ongoing process, extended by the hospital staff to, areas of application beyond the project's initial scope. Embedding cost discipline throughout the organization, Matching patient acuity to the level of care, Generate new income sources not subject to healthcare reimbursement pressure, Identify promising companies that executives might not otherwise encounter, Create a vehicle to enhance brand integrity and expand market reach. infant mortality and does not come in the top ten in life expectancy. choices based on the perceived cost and quality of the available alternatives. Child health affects growth, learning and work; more children die because their mothers are exhausted from excessive child birth, work and infection. The principals in coalitions are, business, hospital, physicians, medical societies, commercial insurance, blue cross and blue, The authorities issue bonds, the proceeds of which are held as pool of funds availa, loan to hospitals for eligible purposes.

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