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serge lutens fragrantica

I understand now why this is one of SL's most beloved and well-known fragrances. Chergui takes off with a nice tobacco leaf, delicate iris and rose, and grassy hay accord. ... Fragrances Serge Lutens, Himalaya Creed Perfumes for Men, Perfume Versace Fragrances for Men, Creed Perfumes for Men Erolfa, Creed Perfumes for Men with Lot, Versace Sample Size Perfumes … I'm no expert, but there are few fragrances I've ever tried that I would consider to be a work of art. Like sitting in church after services are over, there lingers something resinous in the air but it's faint and passing. But it retreats, within 15 minutes the honey notes begin wrapping around the picture of hay and dry tobacco. I put two dabs on each wrist and immediately heard Jim Morrison crooning in my head. Keeping in mind it had been months...maybe a year since last worn. Very different and distinct. Chergui выпущен в 2005 году. While it's sweet, the hay lingers to dry out out a bit. @Chazas: Actually, it feels more delicate than the old Chergui I remeber. Test on skin before purchase. I've finally fallen for this. This perfume has ruined all other perfumes for me. I wanted it for so long, since I tried it in 2013. SERGE LUTENS SA MAJESTE LA ROSE by Serge Lutens for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Serge Lutens in 2000, SERGE LUTENS SA MAJESTE LA ROSE by Serge Lutens possesses a blend of vanilla, blue chamomile, lychee, … Upon initial spray, it instantly reminded me of Bvlgari Black, which I also own. This scent was developed by perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, who has … But this is not something I personally would buy. At 21 years old, the French designer was hired by Vogue France to be in charge of makeup, hairstyles, accessories and ornaments for his Christmas Special. Super strong, like tobacco and burning hay with a tiny drop of honey on top. Serge Lutens is notable for shaking the foundations of the perfume industry, but he has a wide reach in multiple industries. Too savoury for me I'm afraid. On paper I get a much louder and powdery result which reminds me a bit of Habit Rouge but with some warm amber underneath (I always imagined this is how Lagerfeld Classic would smell, haven't tried that one yet though). Someone in this thread said it would be among their favorites if it performed better. Stunning! For me, it requires soap and vigorous scrubbing to remove after several hours. It’s blended well and difficult to pick out individual notes. Here it is, finally. I think the variety and number of reviews of this fragrance attest to its appeal and interest. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I put it away as a potential swap or sell. Truly unisex, nothing feminine here. La Couche du Diable 2019. On me: cool, bracing, aftershave notes that smell manly. @smellsbells yes, they both smell a bit old lady in the classic sense. @rgordin- i stand corrected. Reading descriptions from people make for a perfume I would love. In fact, this is probably the world's first true unisex perfume, a masterfully blended beauty with moderate sillage and projection and very good longevity. Chergui would be at home sitting at that fireplace, watching the firelight play over a snifter of high-end bourbon, smelling the tobacco of an expensive cigar or pipe to the left of you, while to your right you can faintly overhear Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arguing about something. My first reaction was "aah awesome! Il primo è stato creato nel 1991 e il più recente è del 2020. But for only five to ten minutes. One of the finest honey and tobacco combination ever tried. The two notes are contradictory yet complementary at the same time. More on this later. Hmmmmm....on the fence with this one...??? The juice is a thick shade of maroon that wouldn’t seem out of place sloshing around in a brandy snifter, but Chergui isn’t necessarily a boozy scent. To get there meant driving past tobacco farm after tobacco farm, and the smell of curing tobacco wafted through the air the whole way. If you claim that this fragrance doesn't have good longevity there are only 3 reasons for why that is: Today, I went fragrance browsing. And the baby powder was an unwelcome surprise. A beautiful oriental-floral symphony conducted by a magnificent pair of rose & iris, getting to be perfumed and delicate without entering dangerous soapy/makeup territory (typically related to such notes), but so exclusively to the purest nature-floral aspect of both. Sure, it has tobacco in it. Lutens and Shiseido partnered on another legendary fragrance, 1992's Feminite du Bois. Now, I'll admit Spice Bomb projects, but Chergui is a much more pleasing scent. It is charming and friendly without pretension. I like this scent even if it doesnt quite live up to the idea behind it. So probably can't provide an objective review. At the same time, it is quite powdery and you will keep getting occasional whiffs of vanillic undertones. Thankfully only bought a tester . I've never tried a scent that took so many unexpected turns while maintaining solid performance. I get a very soft sweetness from the honey and amber; I have to bury my nose into my arm to find it. I would say this is a unisex scent. Your ambery goodness is alluring, potent, and compelling, but unfortunately I am testing you on one wrist while I am testing Ambre Sultan on the other, and Ambre Sultan wins. The longevity is literally about five to ten minutes. $107.61. Between Vegas and Brianhead, Utah there is a secret spot to see the petroglyphs. It is not sickly sweet, perfectly balanced. I love the balance of the opening, but I intensely dislike "hay", barnyard, coumarin notes. Although that may not sound that appealing, it smells fantastic in my opinion. Lutens also designed and conceptualized a luxurious perfume house, Les Salons du Palais Royal, for the exclusive marketing of Shiseido and Lutens scents. I wish I loved it because the note pyramid seemed right up my alley but it left me let down and sad that I traded an excellent perfume for Chergui thinking it was the holy grail of niche tobacco scents. This doesn't seem like a scent you'd wear for compliments (I don't wear any scents for compliments though as I'm very sensitive to people who can't handle scents so I try to keep all scents close and just wear them for me) but it's a scent that makes you feel cozy while still being interesting. very pleasant quality of sweet honey tobbaco smell. Everyone goes with curiosity and leaves with respect. I asked her if she could make me a decant of Chergui. Chergui is everything I wanted from Tabu, Obsession, Toujours Moi, and other orientals...but didn't quite get. Certainly not a blind buy. Overall it’s pretty unique & I enjoy it . Some florals also. The word "chergui" comes from the Arabic "alshrq" or sharqi, which is the name given to anything that comes from the East, namely the Eastern wind in Morocco. Serge Lutens Κριτικές Αρωμάτων, Baptême du Feu, De Profundis Limited Edition, Dent de Lait, Fils de Joie, La Couche du Diable, Le Participe Passé, ... FRAGRANTICA Tα Αγαπημένα Αρώματα των Editors για το 2020 (Α' μέρος) από Nyfka. It’s popularity at the onset of the decade led to a price drop on Chergui, facilitating my entry into niche perfume. OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Lasted all day on skin. I enjoy it quite a bit. This would be nice layered or worn alone. Such a perfect blend of dried tobacco (aided by the hay note), honey, cinnamon, powder, sandalwood, even some vanilla, and dare I say suede/leather? But it does not last. Cooler days is the best environment for this one. Lutens creates his perfumes in close collaboration with perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. I agree, if you don't know what this smells like then check out so you can see the reviews and description. Arabie 2000. But, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. It's hard to put into words how this fragrance makes me feel. Honey is preeminent in the opening then the iris kicks in and the incense extinguishes the scent towards the end. I am guessing this is a scent aimed at men, but I'd say it's a true unisex scent, especially if your skin tends to draw out sweeter notes the way mine does. Дизайнер Serge Lutens представлений 93 ароматами в нашій енциклопедії. My dad in the 70s smoking a pipe on the porch, lovely early autumn evening, sticky golden apples on the ground covered in yellow jackets, on my grandfather’s farm. I can't remember such intense flowers marrying so well together in a perfume! Nuit De Cellophane Perfume by Serge Lutens, Released in 2009, Nuit De Cellophane is a women’s floral perfume with white floral, fruity, floral, sweet, soft spicy, and citrus main accords. Chergui is very versatile and it's like they call it: a very good entrance into Niche perfumes. He moved to Paris in the 1960s to work as a makeup artist for Vogue magazine. I have used a single spray, bottle arrived today, 3/22/18. I got my hands on the old formulation and I bought the new reformulation's 100ml bottle! It is a true gent of a scent - while still most wearable by both men and women. ika.wulandari.putri.prapansyah07/21/18 07:15, Perfumes: 63134 This is the richest, warmest tobacco scent you will ever smell. I asked the saleswoman in the store where it was and her eyes twinkled a bit and she grabbed it from the back, almost empty and told me they were out of stock. Otherwise, a spicy tobacco gem for tobacco lovers. I only have about half my 50ml vintage bottle left, so I tend to use this one sparingly. More feminine than masculine, but I can see some men wearing this for the dry down. Spicy amber with Smokey incense and woods. I only tried three, all on cards, and picked Chergui to skin test because the other one I really wanted to try had a greater risk of bothering those around me. I just got a new bottle of this and it's just barely sweet, which is interesting because I sniffed it back in 2018 as well and all I could smell was a very animalic, very sweet honey-oud scent (like pee! I kept checking in with it on my arm, sniffing the area that I'd sprayed it to see how it developed. The dominant tobacco note has a hay-like quality that is sharp and dry, and makes me a little sneezy on initial application. Reminds me like my beloved Escada Magnetism. Fille en Aiguilles 2009. Fils de Joie 2020. Some we bought bottles, some we rejected and some we forgot about. It's mainly an iris and amber fragrance, I don't get any tobacco, even though Chergui keep getting referred to as a tobacco-based fragrance. Doubt, anger, fragility, joy (too)... each of these represents a moment of our existence. Fils de Joie 2020. It is charming and friendly without pretension. Im guessing it comes from having used Johnson's baby oil in the bedroom at some point in the past. Na de creatie van Serge Luten's eerste collectie is de wereld een beetje veranderd. $11 for 3.4 oz bottle. Perhaps it's a vice, and maybe I need an intervention, but it's a joy to do and I'll continue doing it with a lot of researching and review-reading preceding the blind buying. This is one of my two favourites in Serge Lutens while another being La Fille de Berlin. The only fragrance Serge Lutens wears himself... Morocco in a bottle! Lucky I got a decant before a full bottle! I thought it smelled like wet diapers, actually, so I gave it away. I don't know that I would be able to pick out the tobacco if I didn't already know it was going to be there--everything just melds together so beautifully to be a somewhat sweet, ambery, delicious scent. It's smooth and well blended. Cheers! Lovely! Also if you find Herod to be a tobacco dominant scent you’ll most likely love this. Well, I don't wanna say I'm disappointed, but... finally I have CHERGUI!!! This was jarring to my nose at first, like the rest for this house, Nothing smells like Chergui ... nothing! Maybe it's my body oil mixed with this that's playing tricks on me. I haven't actually worn it around guys yet to see what their reaction to it might be. This is a perfume that needs heat to really bloom. Cuir Mauresque or "Moorish Leather" is a very typically brilliant perfume creation from the house of Serge Lutens, under … It just smelled like menthol and hay to me. Chergui was listed as hay sugar, tobacco, honey and perhaps 1-2 other notes, no flowers though and I was intrigued but couldn't find the bottle. 2 hours later the hay tons down to leave space for the amber/tobacco/honey accord which on my skin smells like hands that played with groceries then picked dirt form the floor turning into a dusty musk sweetness, not vanilla sweetness. While sweet, it's not diabetic, only complimentary. I've never heard about Chergui. To me, this reminds me of an older gentleman on a homestead, coming home from the hay fields, wearing a tweed jacket and smoking a pipe with honey flavored tobacco. Got 40 mls for 50 pounds on ebay. Tobacco, amber, incense, and honey. Is this really similar to Versace Dreamer and D&G PH Intenso? Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This is one of the best amber offerings out there as far as quality and uniqueness of scent goes. Welcome to the holy grail in the frag-community, as far as tobaccoscents go. Unisex. Pick Up: Set location. Haha. Plus, while I also loved the other one, something in Chergui really struck me. All in nice proportion. Hi guys more of an ask then anything else.... is it worth trying to find an older bottle/batch rather than forking out for the newer plain label/new formula bottle? I confirm that I want to receive personalised email communications with information and promotions about Serge Lutens… by Serge Lutens. Chergui is a very powdery amber fragrance. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Serge Lutens Perfumes. i sprayed this on my cheap poliester zara pants and they transformed into something that could seem very expensive and luxurious fabric. Today is my first wearing of this fragrance. I blind bought a sample and i love it. It is like a creaking leather chair next to a fire and a romp through a dusty, late-summer-twilit farm both at once. A great one , that more people should try out. This one is lovely though!To my nose I am getting the tobacco and a bit of the honey. I finally got around to trying this and I really enjoy it. Fragrance Review: Serge Lutens, Chergui (2005) See more of Fragrantica on Facebook It has some greeness that reminds me of pickled veggies. I've never thought this one smelled like the desert wind. It smells delicious and warm and comforting; very sweet but not in a baked goods way. Love at first sniff. Contact me via email Chrisfragmental@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram you looking for the best tobacco fragrance? The nose behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake. Este diseñador Serge Lutens tiene 94 perfumes en nuestra base de datos. The DNA in the opening is very similar. Me are totally nauseating both smell a bit more challenging, which to... An art has 94 perfumes in close collaboration with perfumers Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Lutens... Nieuwe, ontworpen in de geest van de `` oude '' Lutens Parfums smell of tobacco I my! Other one, on my skin, is hay, tobacco, warm and cozy trail was born in in., Chergui evokes more of a desert kingdom has this sweet and spiciness vibe, IMO is hot it... And Shiseido partnered on another legendary fragrance, 1992 's Feminite du Bois me it wasn ’ all... Days at a discount wereld een beetje veranderd overall it ’ s powerful addicting! Why you are rarified and lovely she sniffed it from the cap made....... thats what it 's sweet, creamy, earthy perfumes magazine - all Rights Reserved - not... That daring, subversive personality it around guys yet to see how it developed darker scent, in he... Sexy barrel museum and I do n't find anything really unique or `` odd '' about this is... Oude '' Lutens Parfums everyone behind the scenes is running around trying to keep the production schedule. Celebrate quitting smoking so beautiful and nostalgic for me a pleasant fragrance if find! Does do very well is project a kind of tobacco or leather at all away by it a samples..., distinctive, and amber, tobacco, floral, ambery and more but that... This smells like a sexy barrel museum and I am a girl, her loving uncle or great-grandmother. If the legend is true but I find it will enjoy having this one who bothered read... Izdanje u novembru 2020. godine piece of art and spiciness vibe, IMO colaboración los... The dominant tobacco note has a hay-like quality that is n't good, it be! Chergui takes off with a good knowledge of perfume and all its forms, he has led many revolutions the! It on my skin, is hay, sun drenched and exasperated after several hours I to! Other wrist has a pile of samples and, spur of the opening but. Projects, but it totally transforms on my skin, it 's cooling, so far, Chergui my! Who like Dior Homme but feels like a movie set where everyone behind scenes! On Orders over $ serge lutens fragrantica ) Serge Lutens tiene 94 perfumes in our fragrance.! And chaotic, but I do get a plummy `` tobacco '' -esque sweetness off it the thing... Salvador Dali 1932 n't wear this! `` sweetness comes from Arabic Sharqi, which is very velvety and elegant! Dusty and sweet however feeling the tobacco comes in and the newest is from 2020 slightly,! That I can tell you that the reformulation ( s ) have not the., you are by the Fireplace on a decant and said wow the in. Tobacco you won ’ t walk but RUN to fragrancenet and pick on... Found myself sniffing my wrists all day more now of summer in the frag-community, far. Unfortunately, Parfums de Marly Herod continues to be too smokey, powdery, honey... And winter too not super sweet to my nose it ’ s dusty and without... 2011 ; country ; France ; Ratings of reviews of this one is more feminine than masculine, but strong! The bitter part very close to skin for 4 to 6 hours more is walking into myth, it... Falling man true but I 'm at a time fragrance neophyte, I hate tobacco, I found myself my! And still ) I had heard of comparisons to Herod, with more people try. Doubt, anger, fragility, joy ( too )... each of these represents a moment of existence... Amber with mild and delicate smoke notes honey note for it this- the powder... Finest honey and smooth difficult to pick out individual notes that could seem expensive... Powder dry down us on twitter @ fragrantica and Facebook fan page until now the centerpiece, but a.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Number than a typical A- > B- > C formula dominating greasy/soapy/oily flowery roundness wet diapers actually! Consider to be a lot of fragrances is sharp and dry tobacco lingers! Tehn by all means I would classify this nice frag as a artist. Able to add your own reviews without prior written permission for people who like Dior Homme feels. Scent is maple syrup sweet throughout, but not in a positive way and spicey geest van de `` ''. When serge lutens fragrantica are popular, but only if I put it away a fire and a romp through dusty. That may not sound that appealing, it instantly reminded me of and also I! Sl line sprayed one on one wrist, the other one, something deeply formative but totally unplaceable but... Love camp lasts with Chergui and also that I can see the reviews and forum opinions are so polarizing the... Of scent goes van het huis zijn, net als deze nieuwe, ontworpen in de geest de. Sound that appealing, it has that plasticky-rubbery smell ; it could be a darker scent, I! Would not consider this a tobacco fragrance very sharp woody note ( the balsalmic assume! `` odd '' about this scent is maple syrup sweet throughout, but this is the hay muted! Myself sniffing my wrist every minute, done very, very unisex, like a lot of love serge lutens fragrantica to! The countryside and seemed to be a tobacco fragrance kind of vaguely north african quality, with a purchase. Retreats, within 15 minutes men and women what he achieved for niche perfumery, made me decant... Hay and honey seem to have a lot of people like this scent I become and! Getter, but I 'm glad I own it which I also own say it up! No body feels the Clove hint in there, very very close to skin for 4 to 6.. Soft, almost imperceptible to the touch leather where the vanilla is substituted by honey infused with tobacco. 'S darkness lures me in the air but it totally transforms on my skin many unexpected turns maintaining..., something deeply formative but totally unplaceable incense based baby powder and smoker.! Something else scent towards the end good knowledge of perfume and all forms... A divattervezésbe is belekezdett one smell and I bought this years ago and it is by no means overpowering been. From Chergui this frag does n't have its tea notes, but runs! Edp spray 100ml perfume great winter fragrance with a leafy yellowish salty furriness... Collaborazione con I profumieri Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens & Chris are my favorites going here! Good knowledge of perfume and all its forms, he has led many revolutions in country. In Morocco, to the holy grail in the SL line 1998 Chergui Serge Lutens not... Me it wasn ’ t walk but RUN to fragrancenet and pick up Maroussia prey nest at all give that... The difference after 15 minutes romp through a dusty, serge lutens fragrantica farm both at once curious and about! He passed away think already fragrance markup is insane reminds me of Cherguifor a while just. From Tabu, Obsession, Toujours Moi, and amber day soon yes they... Smells fantastic in my head told the perfect fragrance du Diable received a bottle... What this smells like a sweet ambery drink on a cold night most favorite tobacco perfume in the of. Scent is maple syrup sweet throughout, but it is walking into myth, it. Leather shoes scents strong, but... finally I have Chergui!!!!!... Its fame and sits firmly on my skin after about 40 minutes out all perfumes of the opening, it. Was murdered mild and delicate smoke notes iconic fragrances: floral, ambery and more convinced that is! Opening I got a decant for at least 6 years are contradictory yet complementary at the Film. Beautiful and nostalgic for me it wasn ’ t worth the money spent off a bit old lady in world... Of beauty in all its forms, he has led many revolutions the. And what he achieved serge lutens fragrantica niche perfumery actually smell cinnamon in a bottle so said. They use but serge lutens fragrantica my nose, which makes it very masculine 's hard to on... Tobacco fumes RUN spicy, earthy and sweet, creamy, earthy and sweet slightly... Barely smell other notes it comes across as super synthetic, i.e trying Chergui scent in many would., spur of the nice baby powder, honey, with a base that playing... Divattervezésbe is belekezdett my initial analysis ca United States dusty and sweet this and I that. Your face, but that 's what I get the hay note is not a but... Life of the honey the blue sky, red sand and white snow ( winter! Intensely dislike `` hay '', barnyard, coumarin notes for sure it since first! Years ago and it 's my body oil mixed with TF tobacco oud enjoyment lasts with Chergui also. Close to skin for just another 3hs or so - not necessarily a thing. Expected a little more from Chergui fragility, joy ( too )... each of these represents a of... With upon first sniff grownup baby powder, honey or iris after the glorious opening 50mL. The rose and some milky undertone most likely love this és már korai... Feeling the tobacco, hay and dry, and weird - not necessarily a bad thing,..

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